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Work in the US without a green card

Working in the USA: My experience reports of emigrating to the USA and the differences to the world of work in Germany. One thing in advance. Working in the USA without a green card is absolutely possible. You don’t need a green card to work in America. How it works relatively easily, and how I made it relatively easy to work in Los Angeles, I will tell you more here on my USA blog.

OK, one more time. Yes, and again yes. You don’t need a green card to work in the USA. This is always misunderstood and published. Nevertheless, I advise everyone to take part in the annual Greencard Lottery free of charge .

But does not mean that you want to live your dream in Los Angeles should rely on the luck of the Green Card Lottery. Think about it? What sense does it make if you want to work in California and then wait a full year to possibly win the green card? That is absurd.

If you actually want to emigrate to the USA , the Green Card Lottery can only be placed second in your plan. Or as an additional option. But luck and luck to win the green card in a raffle. That makes no sense for real USA emigrants .

Working in the USA as a German / Austrian

There are a lot of differences that you should know if you want to work as a German in the USA.

Service law is an integral part of these differences. And this right also varies from state to state. So what is valid in New York does not have to be valid in California. You can find out more about my trip to the west coast of America in my article: Emigrate California Los Angeles

Working in the United States has many questions when it comes to labor law. From health insurance, vacation entitlement, social security and pension provision.

Here are the most important facts.

Facts Check: Working Abroad USA

First of all to the start. If you want to work in the USA, you also need a suitable US work visa .

TIP: Read more about my personal experiences: Emigrate to Los Angeles

Which visa the employer can apply for your job depends on your personal circumstances and qualifications.

However, there is a simple visa that allows practically everyone to live and work in the United States.

I also emigrated from Austria to the USA as a trained trainee with my family. Contrary to all claims that this is an impossibility.

After only three months I was able to start my life in the USA. I explain how this little-known method works in my post Emigrating USA .

Working in Los Angeles

At the beginning of my trip, many people advised me to try working in the United States for a year. So practicing a year abroad in the USA, so to speak.

But this suggestion seemed to me to be a little too short, especially for all my investments that I had to make for it.

Because I didn’t emigrate to the USA alone. But with my entire family of five. At that point my children were 2.5 years, 4.5 years and 7 years old.

Working in Los Angeles California with my kids

At that time, the plane tickets alone made up several thousand euros. So I knew that if I made all of these investments, my stay in the US would be longer.

Working as a German in America

At the beginning of my trip, however, I wasn’t exactly sure where to work. First of all, I thought I wanted to work in New York. The east coast was closer to the itinerary, and I figured it would be easier for me to find a job in New York.

Dagen spoke however of the fact that I am a 3D graphic artist who had a preference for visual effects. And because of the film industry, working in Los Angeles later seemed to me to be much more appropriate.

For this reason, I personally decided to prefer moving to California Los Angeles . But that was at the beginning of my trip.

In the end I worked in both cities. In general, working in New York as a German (to be precise as an Austrian, but the Americans always believed I was from Germany) was very easy for me.

I am a worc-aholic and the workload in the US is also very high. No matter whether it was New York in my case or whether it was working in California.

Working in America as a German / Austrian

I think if you want to work in America, you can definitely do it. There are many ways to get a work permit in the United States .

And it is not at all necessary to find German employers in the USA. In my case, I also worked for almost exclusively US companies .

Working in Florida

I personally love Florida. Both Miami, down to the Keys. There are really wonderful cities and places. Here is a photo of our visit to Walt Disney World with my children.

Simply a very unique experience. There’s simply no bigger amusement park in the world, is there?

In any case, working in Miami Florida is a completely different experience than in Austria or Germany. The sunny weather is also a main reason for many emigrants to escape the cold, yet very gray winter!

Working in the United States
Working in the USA / Florida. My kids with me on a visit to Walt Disney Land. This is my youngest Nic. 😊 I miss him a lot 😭 !!!!!

Work visa USA requirements

However, it is clear that you cannot apply for a US work visa yourself. It does not work that way. Only the employer can apply for a work visa for America for you. This is also called sponsorship hsip.

I explain exactly how this works in my numerous free videos. You can find access to this in my post: Emigration USA

Check them out. It’s worth trust me !!! 😊 By the way, my cover picture for this post was taken by my friend Steve Anderson. In LA I also worked as a so-called visual effects artist for some time. Hmm .. I had no “bellies” – swallow!