How to get a Work Visa in the USA


This is how you can get a work visa in the USA and emigrate to America . My name is Bernhard Rieder from I emigrated from Austria to the USA as a simple trainee with my family of five. Without having won the green card lottery , without a matriculation examination and without studying.

My entire process was completed in just under 3 months. Yes that’s right. In just 3 months I started my new life in America with my five-headed family without a green card.

How do I get a U.S. work permit?

Getting a work visa in the U.S. is relatively easy. Provided you know what you are doing. There are several ways to emigrate to the USA . I have published the two most common ways for you here. Including the advantages and disadvantages and what you should definitely consider.

Emigration to the USA: Option # 1

Making your plan to live in the United States dependent on gambling

There are many different ways to get a US work visa and successfully migrate to the USA . The best known way is to win the green card in the lottery . Because with the Greencard you have the residence permit and at the same time a US work visa in your pocket.

But for around 99% of emigrants, this dream does not come true.

In addition, the lottery also means that you have to wait a relatively long time. And if you always put yourself on the waiting bench every year, and hope may have to start your life in America anew. Well, then I can only say one thing: Good night!

So what else is left? What alternative is there? Nightingale I hear you trudging.

Emigration to the USA: Option # 2

Finding a job in the US & taking a job.

  1. Find a US job
  2. Submit your application
  3. Have an interview
  4. Receive a job offer
  5. Sign the job offer
  6. The US company applies for your US work visa
  7. Interview at the US embassy
  8. Your visa will be entered in your passport
  9. The visa (passport) will be sent to you by post
  10. Ready for the flight to America

No matter which US company you want to work with to emigrate to the USA . The American company must apply for a US work permit for you. It just won’t work without it.

How can I find US jobs?

Work visa USA America
Work visa USA: America be ready!

The internet is full of US job platforms. The USA in particular has a lot more opportunities to offer than Germany or little Austria. Millions of jobs are posted every day. Hundreds of thousands of foreign workers flock to the United States.

No matter whether from India, from China, or from other countries in the world. As a trained specialist in Germany but also in Austria, you have qualifications that are certainly good to use in the USA.

The biggest problems to get a US job offer

However, most emigrants fail to get a US job. Why is that? The problem is not to find a job in America. There is enough work. The problem of getting a JOB OFFER is in the following details.

  1. To find a US company that also wants to sponsor
  2. To write an application that is also read by potential US companies
  3. To correctly write an application (US resume)
  4. Network with contacts and US companies
  5. Use tools & tactics to bring your application to the top
  6. Get a US job interview
  7. Mastering the US job interview, knowing what to say to sell yourself

How do I get a job offer with a US visa?

Seven points to master in order to get a job in America. At first glance, this seems a bit complicated and stressful. And yes admitted. It is WORK. But without hard work there is no price. That’s how it is when you want to emigrate to the USA .

If you know how to master these 7 points, the doors and gates are open. My experiences in this area have always been the same.

I also had this problem at the beginning of my plan to emigrate to the USA. I wanted to go to America. And I took part in the green card lottery. And I tried “half-heartedly” to write applications.

But after I had not won the lottery and I had never received any feedback on my application letters. Well, after a very short time I was frustrated and found excuses.

All kinds of excuses went through my head. It’s all crazy. How could I win the green card lottery? The chances are almost nonexistent. And absolutely nobody reacts to my job applications.

After only 2-3 months I almost threw my dream away. Yes. And again, yes. It was very frustrating when I started my efforts. But what can you expect if you focus on a raffle?

What if you send job applications to America that were simply “completely wrong”?

Right. No “ass” was interested in my inexperience. No person and no machine (search engines for job platforms) had ever considered my applications.

Knowledge is the most important thing. So months passed by months. Until I was so disgusted with my everyday life, and then decided to give 100%. Develop a plan and learn how I could successfully implement my project.

I knew I had no degree or matriculation exam. But I knew there had to be a way to America. And it costs whatever it may. I will go my way rock solid and emigrate to the USA .

And whatever there was to be done – I will do it, no matter how difficult or complicated.

Seven steps to get a US work visa

As you hopefully already know, I subsequently received three US job offers in just 4 weeks. Including the sponsor hsip. In my guide to America, I not only explain this so important process, but you can practically look over my shoulder at how it is all done.

How and what needs to be done to successfully land a job in the United States. If you haven’t seen my explanations yet, then watch my video, in which I explain exactly how you can do it.

Emigrate from Germany to the USA

Most people who want to emigrate to the USA fail to find a US job. To be more precise. Not only finding a job in the US, but actually getting a US job offer with a matching US work visa.

But how can you do that? And how could I get three job offers from US companies in just 4 weeks? Including a USA visa!

In my guide to emigrating to the United States, I cover every step of this important process step by step. From the start of the search for a job in America to the USA visa application.

It is undisputed that a US job offer is the key to being able to emigrate to the USA . Completely legal, and 100% following America’s immigration laws.

If you have not yet known my method of how I managed to emigrate from Austria to the USA in a relatively short time, I recommend you watch my video by explaining my method.

How I got a job in the USA and subsequently also received my green card without winning the green card lottery .


Many questions keep asking me whether you have to apply to the ESTA to enter the USA to enter the USA.

If you are in one of the member countries of the ESTA system and you do not want to stay in the United States for more than 90 days, you can easily submit an ESTA application yourself online.

You can also use it to do the paperwork for entry into the United States even on the territory of the Americans.

I’ve never had any problems with ESTA USA . You just have to make sure that your passport is actually linked to the ESTA application and that your ESTA registration was also carried out properly.

Once you have the ESTA travel certificate, it is valid for two years from the date of issue. So you do not have to fill out the ESTA form each time you enter the USA.

Traveling to the USA always worked smoothly in my cases. And the issuing of the J1 visa was super fast for my entire family of five.

But that really depends on which US visa has been applied for. So if you want to travel to the USA for the first time, you do not need a special vacation visa, as long as your trip does not last longer than 90 days.

Of course, this is completely different for a USA work visa. Because as the name suggests, in this case you have the intention to work in America.


In order to work in America, you need a U.S. residence permit. Regardless of whether you have been issued a student visa for the USA or maybe won your Permanent Resident Card in the US Green Card Lottery .

In order to live and work in America, you always need a suitable visa. No matter whether we are talking about a B1 visa, a business visa, an F1 visa of the USA or an H1B work visa.


Before starting my trip ( emigrating to California Los Angeles ), I had already contacted my lawyer and obtained a lot of helpful information.

First of all, you should be aware that you cannot apply for a work visa for the United States yourself. The exception would be if you are a company owner in the USA and are looking for employees for your company within the USA.

In most cases this is not the case. So, usually, emigrants are looking for a job in the United States. And if this also applies to you, then it is actually not your job to apply for a visa. This point is very important if you want to emigrate to the USA .

But on the contrary. You cannot apply for a US work visa for yourself. This must be done by your US company. Respectively. Most companies in the United States work with a so-called Immigration Lawyer, and the lawyers will then apply for your work visa.

You can find more information on this in my blog post: Emigration USA experience reports

In theory, you don’t have to deal with it at all. Not in practice either. However, it is advisable to understand the general conditions. So knowing what visa options are there. And which visa would be suitable for your case.

This makes sense to the extent that you are also prepared and know what is being talked about when talking to potential employers. As well as with the lawyers.

You usually don’t have to worry about that when it comes to the cost of a US work visa. Because these are usually taken over by American employers.

The requirements for a US work visa differ depending on the type and category of your visa. And so it is when it comes to the duration and validity of your work visa.

You can find a complete list of all possible employment-based immigrant visas here on the American Travel State Government website .

Keep in mind that there are really a variety of visas that you can use to work and live in the United States . Nevertheless, there is little point in emigrating to the USA at the beginning of your trip and your plan to worry too much about the right visa.

The first important step is to master the PROCESS to get a US job offer. Because only with a job offer from America does the process move on to the second phase: the application for a US visa.

It doesn’t work the other way around. And that’s why I always recommend the same thing to everyone. If you want to emigrate to the USA , focus on getting a job in the USA.

And work on the PROCESS how you can successfully get a job offer from a US company.

If you are interested in obtaining a work visa for the USA, then focus on finding an American company that can offer you a job and also want to issue a suitable work visa on top of it.

In my guide to emigrating to the USA, I also explain how you can use a very special US database to find companies that also sponsor.

You will also learn how to contact companies successfully. How you should write a US resume with sample templates from practice. And what tactics you can use to actually get a US job offer.

USA job offers are many. But only a few who are also willing to apply for a suitable work permit from the USA . So to take on the sponsorship for you.

It is therefore important to make sure that you get a US work permit when you find a job. And only later will it be about the green card application.

So keep in mind: When looking for a job in the USA, it is important to get job offers which, in addition to a regular US employment contract, can also be issued with a suitable work visa for the USA.

This also applies to an internship abroad as well as volunteering. If you are looking for jobs in the USA, it only makes sense if you also get a suitable work permit.

If this is not offered, or if a USA job exchange does not provide you with a valid work visa for the international job (or summer jobs), then you should under no circumstances consider such job offers and jobs in America. Because this trip would only be a very short trip.

I hope that this information will also help you to realize your dream of emigrating to the USA .