What is the USA Green Card?


And How to get the Greencard?

The Green Card has the official name ” Permanent Resident Card “. The green card is a US immigration visa with a permanent residence and work permit.

How many times can I travel to the United States with a Green Card?

Emigrate to the USA : As long as your green card is valid, you have the right to travel to the USA at any time with a green card visa.

Can I emigrate to the USA without a green card?

Yes. You can also emigrate to the USA without a GreenCard and start your new life in America.

How long is the green card valid for?

The US Green Card is limited in time. The GreenCard expires after 10 years and is therefore not valid indefinitely. The Permanent Resident Card is valid for 10 years unless you have a 2-year limitation.

The green card extension should be requested 6 months before it expires. An application for renewal of the green card can be made directly online. See US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

What does a US green card look like?

Green Card USA
Example of a US Green Card Permanent Resident

How do you get a green card?

There are 9 green card procedures and ways to get a green card.

  1. GreenCard by family
  2. GreenCard through employment (sponsorship)
  3. GreenCard as a special immigrant
  4. GreenCard through refugee or asylum status
  5. GreenCard for human trafficking and crime victims
  6. Green card for victims of abuse
  7. GreenCard through other categories
  8. GreenCard via registration
  9. GreenCard with lottery

What are the green card requirements?

The requirements for applying for a GreenCard differ according to the type of Green Card application.

Each of the 9 options listed has separate rules and requirements. Find the exact legal requirements and GreenCard rules directly on the American Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security -> Green Card Eligibility Categories .

How long is the waiting time for a green card?

How long it takes to get your green card depends on the selection of your application. There is no specific waiting time for a GreenCard. How long it takes and how long the green card process takes depends on the type of application, the green card examination and the processing time.

What is the Green Card Work Permit?

The Green Card Work Permit is an unrestricted U.S. work permit . This gives you the right to work for any private employer in the United States. Exceptions are public institutions for which security clearance is required.

Where can I find the official US Green Card website?

The official website for the US Green Card is the Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What are the advantages of the green card?

  1. The US Greencard gives you the advantage of unlimited entry.
  2. Advantage in the United States to acquire a job as an employee.
  3. Advantage to study in the USA
  4. Advantage to live unlimited and anywhere in the US.
  5. With the US Greencard you have almost all the rights and obligations of a US citizen (except for the right to vote).
  6. Students enjoy the advantage of taking out federal loans with a Greencard (Student Loans).
  7. There are no labor restrictions that apply to any other US work visa .
  8. Working as a self-employed person and entrepreneur and founding your own startup
  9. Being able to live in the United States without restriction as a retired retiree
  10. Family members (spouses and children up to the age of 21) receive the same benefits with the Permanent Resident Card
  11. Advantages of an economically strong country with many jobs and earning opportunities

What are the disadvantages of a green card?

There are currently no known disadvantages of a green card for emigrating to the USA .

How much is the Green Card USA cost?

There is no fixed GreenCard price. The cost of applying for a green card changes annually. You can find an exact list of the fees for the application on the official website of the USCIS .

What is the Green Card Photo Check?

The GreenCard Photo must meet the following requirements. See Green Card Photo Check .