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Five Simple Steps to get your Work Permit in America

Working in the United States is a dream for many people. And for most people it will stay that way. An air bubble that bursts easily and quickly if you dream of emigrating to the USA ! But what if I tell you that I know a method that practically everyone can get a United States work permit?

The biggest misconception to get a US work visa

The biggest mistake most people make is making their dream of emigrating to the United States dependent on the Green Card Lottery. Keep in mind that you should only win the green card to get jobs in America .

Even today I still find articles from German publishers that write that you need the green card to have a work permit in America. This is simply not correct.

You don’t need a green card to emigrate to the USA .

If you have already seen some videos of me, then you should know that I will not take a leaf out of my mouth. And I tell everyone directly in the face that it really makes no sense to want to emigrate to the USA, to make it dependent on a raffle or a game of chance.

The Green Card Lottery is as the name suggests. A game. No more and no less. And if you really intend to make working in the USA a reality, then can’t you really be serious about making this important event dependent on the green card lottery?

Think about it in peace! How and where you want to live, you should never depend on other people, circumstances, opinions or a principle of happiness. If you want to emigrate to the USA, you can do that too!

But without betting and hoping that you will win the green card lottery . Especially not when the chances of winning a permanent resident card are relatively slim.

The quickest and best way to get a US work permit is to get a US job offer. This is where most people who want to emigrate to the USA fail.

Five steps to get a U.S. work permit

  1. Find a US company that also offers sponsorship
  2. Create US resume: Write an application according to American standards
  3. Send tactical & strategic applications
  4. Get a US job interview & sell your skills
  5. Receive a US job offer

After you have signed an offer, your US employer sends an application for your US work visa. Afterwards an interview has to be done at the US embassy and after this process your US work visa will be entered in your passport.

Your passport will be deposited at the American embassy. Your work visa will then be entered directly into your passport and then sent to your home address by post.

Employment Visa – and how you can get it!

If all of the above steps are fulfilled, you have in principle received a so-called employment visa .

Work permit USA America
Emigrating to the USA : How can I get a work permit from the USA?

The biggest blockade to emigrating to the United States is the fact that most emigrants fail because of this process. That means to actually carry out and master the five points mentioned above.

This is now due to different factors. Firstly, that you do not know how and with what you can start to implement your project in reality. Be it now to find out how to find US companies that also offer sponsorship. Because only with the sponsorship is an application for a US work permit made.

And secondly, that you don’t know how to write a top application in order to be accepted by American companies. Apply tactics and strategies that will significantly increase the chances of getting a job interview.

Possibly also language barriers or fears at the beginning of your project. How you should behave in the interview and how you should best answer questions that are put directly to you in order to significantly increase your chances of a written offer.

Wherever your weaknesses lie. This is not a problem as long as you are willing to admit these weaknesses, to find them. Recognize your problem and you are willing to fix it.

Making mistakes is completely normal. Having knowledge gaps is perfectly fine. Mistakes are part of being successful. After all, you can only be successful if you admit your mistakes and want to change them.

Actively change something and DO. This is why I developed my guide to emigrating to the United States . This guide shows you in a practical way how you can successfully master these very important steps.

You can look over my shoulder at how this important process works. What tools you should have, how you can use them for your personal benefit to maximize your chances of getting a U.S. work permit.

If you have not yet seen my videos in which I explain how you can also master these 5 simple steps, then I invite you to do so now! See more -> Guide to emigrating to the USA .

Emigrate USA experience reports

If you really want to emigrate to the USA , it works without relying on the mere Green Card Lottery. Excuses not to plan his project and to put work in the USA in the background, well … there are really many.

In order to put the excuses in the background and to achieve his dream faster, I decided to write my USA blog for all America friends. Share my experience reports with like-minded people when emigrating to the USA !

And to give practical help for emigrating to America . Because yes. Emigrating to the United States can also be stressful. And I would like to reduce this stress factor for you with my US blog.

If you prepare to work abroad, you will see that you can also find it relatively easy to find jobs in America and pack your bags. Because it is clear that with a job in your pocket you can emigrate to America .

USA Visa

And it is not even necessary to find job offers from the USA for Germans. But on the contrary. There are enough US companies willing to apply for a US work permit.

Of course, working in the USA is a little different than you might know from Austria or Germany. Different countries, different customs, different T …… Lol; now let’s leave this Schery aside.

But it is indeed so. Working in America is not that difficult. If you have the right process. So a guide, or a guide that helps you achieve your goals.

No matter whether you want to do an internship abroad in the USA or are thinking of staying in America forever. It is clear that you need a U.S. residence permit and the appropriate work permit.

Vacancies from the USA

What is surprising is the fact that most people fail to find a US job. Well, not because there would be no work in America. Honestly. The United States is so big, the supply of work is huge. And as I said before, you don’t have to limit yourself to looking for job offers and jobs where working in the USA as a German is required.

This will greatly limit your chances if you want to emigrate to the USA . If you want to work in the USA, it is important to find out how you can actually get a job offer with a matching US work visa .

This is the key that will enable you to start your new life in America with correct US immigration.

Visa America

Talking about the bush is really no use. So I always focus on action. To do something, that’s what matters. Talk, think, discuss. Yes, of course that helps to make a plan. But executing the plan is what will actually take you further.

Think about what you think about every day? What do you want to do? And how much did you actually do at the end of the day? I always advise everyone to make a checklist. This helps tremendously for your own personal assessment.

Obtaining a USA visa is not that difficult. If you are efficient and if you also follow your plan and want to put it into practice.


Most people worry too much about getting a USA visa . It starts very early when it comes to ESTA USA. Most people get a headache there.

But it doesn’t have to be that at all. An ESTA VISUM is normally not a problem for EU citizens. Unless you have a criminal record or are not on the watchlist with the Austrian President Kurt Waldheim – then there is certainly no problem here. Grin.

Getting a visa for America works perfectly if you follow my guide. Then you only need to worry about it very little.

Work visa & entry USA

And yes, after all, you need a valid US work visa to enter the US and work. But that will also be issued to you by the US Embassy, ​​provided you follow my simple steps, which I explain very simply in my process and guide.

The US entry requirements are basically no worse than those of Germany or Austria. And to work in the US you also need a valid visa.

I hope that this contribution to emigrating to the USA could also help you.