US Green Card Lottery

How To File for the US Greencard Lottery for Free

An additional option for emigrating to the USA

Think about why the green card lottery is not the right way to emigrate to the USA!

The reasons for this are clear:
My life was too valuable for me to want to make it dependent on gambling. And how do you see that with your life?

The good news:
If you actually want to “break out” of your previous life, you can do it.

The bad news:
Do not rely on an American lottery drawing if you want to emigrate to the USA .


Disadvantages of the green card lottery:

  1. You never know if you’ll ever win – then what?
  2. Participation, training and acceptance can take a long time.
  3. You make your life dependent on a lottery

These three points alone speak clearly and clearly against emigrating to the USA only if you should win the green card.

What do we learn from this?

And what is the logical consequence?

That’s right. Take control of your own destiny. Only you can control your life. You alone determine when you want to emigrate to the USA and how quickly you want to start a new life in America.

In this case, do not make yourself dependent on agencies or on a game of chance.

Which method is there to start your life in the USA easily and quickly and which also works 100% … .. well, I hope you already know my practical guide (22 videos / 6 hours work program) which enables you in only 3- Months in the United States.

Only you can do this so important But honestly. I don’t have to stir up a drum here. It is your life – I can only serve to show you a way. But you have to go this yourself!

It is up to you and no one else. Start the process. The question you have to ask yourself is clear. How much do you want to change your life so far?

If you are dissatisfied with how you live now. And you have had enough of the relationships you now have, your job, your work colleague or boss. Then these are all clear signs that you are ready to change your life!

Sometimes you just have to be able to skip your own shadow!

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