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Effective Options to move quickly to the USA. Finding the right Job, how to get your Sponsorship, Picking the right Visa and Start Working and Living in the USA.

How To Find A Job

The most important goal is to find a company with the right job and to get an Interview.

With my proven Strategy you will super-boost your application process and maximize your exposure to recruiters.

Learn How to Apply for Jobs in the US that will result in Interviews! 

How To Get Sponsored

Master your Interview Process. Know exactly what you have to answer to the questions you'll receive and get as a result your Sponsorship.

Learn how to Win the Interview process so that you'll get your Sponsorship.

How To Get A Visa

Learn the framework of your best Visa options. As a result, you'll be able to move quickly to the United States.

Learn how to pick the right Visa, so that you can move quickly to the US.

Find the right Job. Convince the recruiter in your Interview to get your Sponsorship. Select the right Visa, Know your Options Get What You Want. NO BS and No Bla Bla Bla - just hardcore facts how you'll get it done. Start Moving to the United States of America and change your life now. 

Get your US-JOB & Move

Boost your Chances to Get a Job & Sponsorship


YES, I want to start a New Life

packed with a ton of practical value


Learn to understand the basics of VISA Categories and their Rules.

Tips to evaluate your Education 

Techniques to find Sponsorship Companies

Tactics for Interviews and Options with Immigration Lawyers

Note: My Course can not be considered as a legal immigration advice. I am not an attorney or immigration lawyer. It's a PRACTICAL GUIDE for people who want to get things done and not just talk about it. 

 J-VISA Basics

What's a J-Visa? How does the application process work? What do you have to consider before entry the US? Know the rules, understand the process and the basic framework. Don't make any mistakes.

H1B-VISA Basics

What's the H1B-Visa? How does it work? What's the difference to the J1-Visa? Why should you consider to get an H1B? What options do you have getting this VISA?  Learn all the things you need to know.

How to find J1-Sponsorship Companies

One very smart Tactic to find Sponsorhip Companies. A special database and list of contacts you can use to directly contact those companies. 

Immigration Lawyers

Do you need an Immigration Lawyer? Or does it work without one? Pros and Cons hiring a Lawyer. Full contact information of my attorney's office.

Job Interview Tactic

What you have to say when having a job interview in the US. And what you shouldn't say. Examples how you can win your interview process and convince your employer to start hire you and to start the sponsorship process. 

Interview at the US-Embassy

What to expect at the interview at the US-Embassy? How's the process, what you should know. How to be prepared, how long it will take and how you'll get your VISA to enter the US.


Work & Live in the US
Get your US-JOB & Move

Boost your Chances to Get a job & Sponsorship


YES, I want to start a New Life

Packed With A Ton Of Practical Value

Checklist Documents

Checklist you need to have before moving to the US. Don't forget any important Document that would jeopardize your Process to the US.


Know How To Write your US-Resume. Use my US-Resume Templates I used for myself to get $200k Jobs in the US. Plus Sponsorship + VISA.


Create a small website. Fast, and professional looking. Crafted for the US. Hiring Staff will love them. Boost your Chances for an Interview and destroy your competition.


Learn how to connect the right way with the right people. Build a strong network and learn how to market yourself and how to boost your outreach. Increase your interview rate!

US-Job Tactic Nr.1

How to find US-Jobs. Targeted for your needs. Learn how to send multiple applications at once. Fast and efficient. Boost your coverage and get more responses than ever. 

US-Job Tactic Nr.2

Tipps & Tricks how to us eLinkedIn for the US-Job Market. Learn how to build fast an efficient network. Use my Guerilla-Marketing Tactic to find the right Hiring contacts. Effective Tactic to boost your chances in getting interviews quickly.


This is a Bonus Video, to illustrate a short and quick example what you can do with a Video-Introduction. Short and to the point. Who you are, your skills and experience. This Video Example brought multiple people a super high inerview rate. Don't miss it and create one for yourself following this template.


Download die .zip file - it includes all documents you can use as template. Right mouse-click, save target as.

  • Google Sheet - Checklist Documents
  • Google Doc Template US-Resume
  • Google Sheet Budgeting
  • Download Template Training Program
  • Information Of My Immigration Lawyer



Successful Strategy

Strategy & Location

What Stratgegy is the best for you? Job vs. Location. ? Use helpful tools to identify the cost of living and chances of finding jobs in your industry.

Living Part 1

Where and how can you live in the US? Different options of living, platforms and selections of choices that fits you best. Realistic estimation of all your costs.

Living Part 2

Another option to live in the US - an excellent way for a lot of immigrants. Compare and decide what's best for you! 

Schools & Districts

Why you want to consider school districsts where you want to live. This metric is not just a valid information for families with children. It's also a legitimate source you want to consider where you want to live.

Insurance / Travel

Before you move or travel to the US, you should consider some temporary insurance options. What's happening if you need to see a doctor? How does it work once you are in the US? 


Should you rent a car or buy one and finance? What about a drivers license? Car registration or other things you should consider when operating a car?

Let's talk about Pro's and Cons and let's consider all other transportation possibilites. 


Why it's important to get a cellphone inside the US. Including a Cellphone number with an area code of the United States. Providers and possibilities to get this all setup the right way. 


Moving cost money. But how much do you really need? Depending on your situation, you should plan ahead and consider all mandatory costs for moving to the US. Don't make a mistake, be prepared and have enough cash.


Start Changing your Life Now

Packed With A Ton Of Practical Value

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

With the purchase of my Class, you'll get automatically a 7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

If you should be unsatisfied with my Course, just send me a text message directly to this number +19715063009. Include your name and that you want to have your money back. That's it. 

About me

My name is Bernhard Rieder. I was born in Austria. I am a Computer Graphic Designer and finished in Austria an apprenticeship. I moved with my wife and three little kids to the US.

I took all obstacles and challenges. The so called nay-sayers always tried to bully me. I was told that my idea moving to the US is foolish and that I will never be able to work and live in the United States.

I was told I don't have a proper College Degree and that no company in the US would ever need my skills.

I faded out all the Nay-Sayers. And I followed my dream to immigrate to the US and to start my new life in America. 

After 8-Weeks, I started my entire new life in the States. With my wife and my three little kids. Without winning in the Greencard Lottery, as a simple Computer Graphic Designer. 

If I can do it - you can do it as well. I hope to see you soon in the US. All the best, Bernhard

Bernhard Rieder von goUSA.site

Bernhard Rieder von goUSA.site


Start Changing your Life Now

Packed With A Ton Of Practical Value