Moving to USA from UK – How to move to the USA


Moving to THE USA

Moving to America from UK, Europe, India, or from anywhere else: How can it be done, fast and simply? Let me tell you my story. How I was moving to the USA from Austria/Europe, with my three little children and my wife.

The only education I had, was a finished apprenticeship and nothing more. Yes, that’s right. I had no college degree, no Bachelor, no Master or anything like that.

And guess what. I started my life living in the US within three short month. And let me tell you, if I was able to do that, then you’ll be able to start living in the US within the next three month as well.

How to move to the USA in a very short period of time and without the necessity of the US Green Card?

I immigrated to the US with my three little children and my wife! We started in a short period of time (11 weeks) our new life in America and said goodbye to Austria.

I still have some friends in the UK. I was working and living for a while in wonderful Brighton. I loved it. However, because I am a Creative Computer Artist (3D, VFX) I wanted to find the easiest way to move to America, to live and work there. But of course, I also needed to find out one important thing: How to get a US Work Permit.

How can I move to the USA from the UK?

If you are a UK Citizen emigrating to the USA, I for sure have good news for you. Migrating to America from the UK works with the same method I used. I have to admit. It looks like, the way I did it, seems to be a method that is almost unknown and people just don’t use that great possibility.

However. My method worked so easy and fast, that I would say almost everyone can do it. And of course, it follows 100% the Immigration Law of the USA.

Moving to America can be done in a very short period of time if you plan to do it the right way. I am going to explain step by step in my free Video’s how I did it. And how you can do it as well!

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In my free Video I explain the easiest way to migrate to the USA. There are several ways to immigrate to the US, and we all know that. But we are also aware of the fact, that it can become quite complex and difficult when talking to a US Immigration Lawyer.

And quite frankly. Immigration Lawyers are super expensive. And finding an excellent Lawyer is also time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Let’s have a closer look, and let’s see how a british immigration to the USA works as well and what it really takes to get a US Work Visa.

How to move to America?

First comes first. I highly recommend to watch my little unknown Method I was using to start my new life in the USA within three month. Trust me. If I was able to do it, you can do it as well.

Many folks believe that the english emigration to america is tough to do. And I agree. It might be, if you don’t know the best methods, and if you don’t know all your possibilities.

The good news. You made it to my USA Blog. And my goal is to help and support as many people as I can moving to the USA.

American Green Card Lottery and why it’s not needed for the start of your journey

I followed my dream even when everybody told me over and over again, that I couldn’t do it. I will fail, and I don’t have the proper and mandatory education. And there is no way that I would ever get a Green Card, also known as a Permanent Residency.

Well, I guess all my buddies have been wrong. Good so. I also would like to let you know, that you don’t need a Green Card to start living your dream.

Yes, it’s totally fine to apply for the US Visa Lottery. But if you want to start working and living in the US, it’s not mandatory. So many people are so much concerned about their Green Card Lottery application, that they actually forget their main goal. To move as quick as possible to the US and start living their dream.

What do I need to immigrate to America?

But fact is, you don’t need a Green Card at the beginning of your journey. All you need for the start is a VISA to live in the USA. People are getting confused all the time. There is so much confusing information online. It’s crazy.

And most of the time the majority of the people is concerned about the USCIS Green Card Lottery. But especially at the beginning of your journey, it’s not mandatory to have a permanent residency in order to work and live in America.

US VISA Application

Much more important is to know what needs to be done first to start your new life in the USA. the US Visa process is for many people confusing.

  • What Visa is the right one for you?
  • How to apply for an american immigration visa?
  • How much dies it cost?
  • Where to find an affordable Immigration Lawyer?
  • How to get a job in the US and what company is willing to apply for a sponsorship?

The list of concerning questions is big. And the US VISA process seems to be a complex and unknown territory for almost every immigrant. And on top of it, the majority of Immigration Lawyers make it many times for frightful.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because the USA Visa requirements are actually pretty straight forward.

However. I was writing another blog post for you in which I also explain how you can apply online for the DV Lottery. And of course, for free. Because the online application process is 100% free as long as you fill out the online application by yourself.

And because it’s so simply. There is actually no need to hire an expensive agency doing all the work for you. Trust me.It’s not rocket science, and the online application can be done within 30 minutes.

But no need to hustle. And no need to be stressed. Because you have all the time in world to prepare all the mandatory documents, and all the data you need to enter. And yes, the Green Card Lottery is only once a year. Typically September/October.

And what’s important to know. Don’t miss the deadline. Because the DV Lottery only gives you a specific time frame you can apply for.

Read more about all the details, how you can Apply For Free at the U.S. DV American Green Card Lottery.