How to get jobs in the United States

USD 200,000 jobs as an apprentice – America makes it possible

Emigration to the USA : If you want to work in America, you have to do something for it. It doesn’t matter if you dream of living in Los Angeles or if you want to start a completely different life in Florida. The fact is: there are enough jobs for Germans in the USA. And for most emigrants, it remains a mystery to unravel this secret and get a job with a work visa.

Life in Florida is a dream for many

And for most people it will remain one!

I will help you to overcome this hurdle – because I did it as a trained trainee without a matriculation examination and without a degree. And that’s for sure. You can do the same.

But it is also clear that you do not want to have every job, but also want to rely on well-paid jobs abroad. How you can get these and you can realize your dream of a good life in the USA without having to win the Green Card Lottery , I am talking about here on my USA Blog .

Job offers USA

There are countless USA jobs for Germans. More than most people can imagine.


Some people just think of wanting to work in the United States for a year abroad. Others are really seriously interested in seeing work in America permanently.

Jobs USA United States

But what about it in reality? How many people actually manage to make your dream come true and get jobs in the US?

The majority of emigrants lose patience with US job placement. I also get most of the inquiries about whether I simply shouldn’t have a list of German employers in the US looking for employees.

Working in the United States as a German is significantly different in terms of employment law. Other treatments, different vacation entitlements, and completely different private health insurance followed by your own pension provision.

So if you want to work as a German in the USA, you should be completely clear beforehand that there are large differences in labor law. And it is also clear that you need a work permit for the USA .

If you want to emigrate to the USA , you also need a work visa .

But that will come later. The first goal should be to focus on being able to find a job in the USA and not to speculate in advance of winning a green card .

And then make sure that working in the United States is secured with a visa.

But how do you find suitable jobs in the USA? How do you write an application? And how can you know which vacancies also offer a so-called sponsorship?

The job market in the US is big. And if you want to work in the USA, you should already think carefully about which job you want to do.

Internship abroad USA

Many young people choose an internship abroad in the United States first. You can get good experiences with it, especially when it comes to American culture.

However, it should also be noted that an internship in the United States is not for everyone. If you want to permanently emigrate to America , it also makes sense to find German companies in the USA.

How you can find a suitable job in the USA and get a suitable work visa, I reveal in my guide for America.

If you are not yet familiar with this practical video course, then it is probably time to take a look. In it I explain step by step how you can manage to emigrate to the USA .

And how you too can start a new life in America. There is more help here for emigrating to the USA .