How To Emigrate to Los Angeles


Emigrate to Los Angeles – that’s how it’s done

Emigrating California: Emigrating to Los Angeles is probably a dream for many people. So it was mine to be thrilled to start my new life in Los Angeles. Said and done. I left Austria with my family of five and flew to Los Angeles. Without a matriculation exam, without a degree and without a green card. Well, I started emigrating to California so easily and brutally.

Emigrate to California: I would like to help you with your experience (which I made when emigrating to the USA ) to realize your project. What I’ve experienced and learned so far. How working in the USA is compared to Germany / Austria. Everything that has happened so far, about my current and then situation and how you can live in Los Angeles.

My video: Emigrate to Los Angeles experience reports

I was married, my wife and three young children. And well, I had set my mind to leave Austria and start a new and different life with my family. I was excited about working in California and so it was that I actually put my idea of emigrating to the United States into practice.

Emigrate USA experience reports

First of all I would like to say that I hadn’t planned 100% of the emigration to Los Angeles. I didn’t know anyone who could give me directions on how to do it best.

And emigrating to California was not exactly the normal and typical course of life as an Austrian. And certainly not the picture for a former learner who wanted to emigrate to the USA .

Emigrate to California

Yes, admittedly, I had found agencies on the Internet that promised one or the other on your website, or had written a lot of blah blah bal. But nobody could provide me with a real practical guide.

So a practical help what I had to do, what I should pay attention to if I want to emigrate to California and what I needed to know to be able to emigrate to California!

I am a very practical person and I can’t do anything with long and “dry” books. And so I started emigrating to Los Angeles quite abruptly and without long hesitation and thought.

Of course I was nervous when I left Austria. And everyone I knew, everyone was somehow negative in my ear. So regarding my plan to emigrate to the USA .

Emigrate to California

What kind of bullshit is that?

Who wants to emigrate to Los Angeles? California is completely screwed anyway. So at least the negative opinions of all my friends, work colleagues and acquaintances.

Well, on the other hand, I was very positive and had continued to listen to interesting reports and speeches from our Austrian Styrian oak: namely the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger . Another Austrian in the USA.

He is also Austrian, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to motivate me totally as a child.

The personal mental attitude is extremely important. And today I can also say that in principle it doesn’t matter where you live if you have found your own personal blueprint. But clearly, why should you emigrate to California if you are not interested in this US state?

But of course it is very important to have the right environment and the right infrastructure. Because when everything pisses you off in your area, all the people around your sphere of activity completely miss your ass and you torment yourself with it every day. Then why shouldn’t you follow your inner call to emigrate to the USA ?

Who wants to emigrate to Los Angeles?

I was really sorry, however, and it is not easy to make this drastic cut until today to lose all the time I could spend with my parents. Nungut, at that point I had just started my own family. And you probably think even less of the time factor.

But how everything is in one life. Emigrating to the USA and my flight to Los Angeles had advantages as well as disadvantages. The downside was that it was difficult for me to maintain lively contact with my parents.

You make a clear call and you are clear on Facetime. But you simply no longer share life with your family as you were used to as a child. Or as an adult.

Emigrating to the USA : But I think it makes sense that living thousands of kilometers apart is a different relationship. That’s how it is when you want to emigrate to California and have your family in Austria.

This fact hurts until today. I have to say that. And I would like to give that to everyone on their way. If you want to emigrate to Los Angeles, then you should also think about how your family situation is and what is personally acceptable and reasonable for you and what is not.

Emigrate to California

my USA experience and working in California

In any case, I had not taken part in a green card lottery , but was going to find a job and get a work permit.

My trip from Los Angeles continued relatively quickly in a later period. The reason was a job. But strangely enough, I have never completely gotten away from California until today.

A few years later, I lived in Manhattan Beach for a while. I had started a new job and the studio I was working for was in Venice Beach.

In any case, it was clear that my life, that of my family, my ex-wife and my children, was completely different from the typical and probably average life known from Germany and Austria.

Stay tuned. Because my journey had just started. Furthermore I recommend you to read more about my Green Card Lottery experiences .