How To Emigrate to America

For many, wanting to emigrate to America is a dream. It was the same for me when I emigrated from Austria to the USA . I still remember the many questions my friends asked: “Bernhard, why do you want to emigrate to the USA?”

Why emigrate to America?

My personal reason why I wanted to emigrate to America was work. I had a job in Austria that hardly interested me at all. And I wanted to do something completely different and thus emigrate to the USA . My area, what I really loved was and is the 3D computer graphics.

So, for me it was primarily important to be able to do a job in the USA that simply amazes me. In Austria there are no big Hollywood companies or visual effects companies that could ever give me this opportunity.

5-Top Reasons Why You Want To Emigrate To The USA

The following reasons can be given:

  1. Jobs in the United States
  2. Working in the United States
  3. Live as a retiree in the United States
  4. Study in the United States
  5. Geographic selection options

So my main reason was actually to get a job in the USA. A job that simply didn’t exist in Austria. And so far there are still jobs in America that I can’t find in Austria. So my primary goal was to get a suitable US work visa for America.

But of course there was also another drifting reason besides work why I emigrated to the USA .

emigrate to America with family

Why should you emigrate to America?

The continent of America also offers a great geographical opportunity. Would you prefer to live in the cool north of Alaska, or in sunny California, or Florida? Are you thinking of starting as an entrepreneur in the USA and the Big Apple aka New York is your big dream?

Or are you enthusiastic about the American country lifestyle and thinking about living in Texas as a real cowboy?

Or maybe it’s Hawaii where you can surf and enjoy the weather all year round. When you emigrate to the USA you really have a lot of options.

As you can see, the USA offers you a wide variety of options. And Austria alone could not offer this variety.

Reasons why Mexicans emigrate to America

The main reasons why Mexicans emigrate to America are jobs and the economy. This is linked to the hope of a better life than in your home country of Mexico.

Top 5 reasons why Europeans emigrate to America

The main reasons for Europeans to emigrate to the United States are:

  1. personal dissatisfaction in your own country
  2. Improve your income (earning opportunities)
  3. Lower taxes
  4. Startup and start-up
  5. Geographic choices

Greencard USA

Whether you are thinking of participating in the green card lottery to start your new life in the USA or if you want to start your trip with a regular US work visa . There are many options.

If you want to know more about the Green Card, I recommend reading my article about it: How to get a Green Card

And yes, working in the USA without a green card is also possible. And yes, having a green card is not a prerequisite for successfully emigrating to the USA .

USA work visa

But if you don’t have a green card, you need a suitable United States work visa . Because without a valid visa for the USA there are hardly any opportunities to go to America.

Of course there are always exceptions. Such as through marriage, or refugees, etc.

I keep getting a lot of questions about whether you can easily marry and emigrate to an American. And I will deal with this question in more detail in one of my other articles.

It is clear, however, that I never in the least recommend anyone to do anything that does not comply with the US immigration laws.

How can you emigrate to America?

There are numerous different ways to emigrate to the USA , which can be summarized in three categories as follows.

  • through work
  • through marriage
  • Business start-up

You can find more information from me about my experience reports when emigrating to the USA.

Moving to America is a big step that should be carefully planned. This includes not only knowing the green card lottery costs, but also having a real PLAN and a strategy to successfully implement your plan to emigrate to the USA .

Life in the United States is very different from that in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The so-called corporate America can be felt very clearly. Capitalism is clearly recognizable, especially in large cities, and contrasts can be seen much more strongly than compared to Germany.

For example, if you If you want to emigrate to California , you should be aware that the cost of living is completely different than that in a rural area of ​​Austria.

Emigration to Los Angeles must be considered very carefully. And a financial cushion should definitely be given in such a project.

For this reason it is also important to have proper preparation. Create an emigration USA checklist and have a strategy that will help you implement your project as well as possible.

Emigration to the USA: which state is the best?

Where to emigrate to America?

A very common question is which US state to emigrate to. And here, too, nothing can be said in general, since your personal wishes really matter.

So it may be that as a tech entrepreneur you want to build your startup in Silicon Valley and are enthusiastic about California. It also seems to be a good choice of state and city here.

Because if a tech entrepreneur settled in a small country town, that would hardly be appropriate. And there are no chances to develop something and to network with the right people.

So it really depends on your personal wishes. Your circumstances and also requirements how you want to build up the emigration of the USA .

Emigration to the USA: costs that you should definitely consider

The cost of emigrating to the United States also plays a significant role. So it makes a big difference whether you want to emigrate to America as a single or with a family of five, as was the case with me.

The rule of thumb is very clear. The more people want to emigrate, the more money it costs. Regardless of whether you want to emigrate to the USA as a pensioner, which US immigration visa you have, there are still various reasons for emigrating.

Working in America as a German differs primarily in questions of employee protection. The Americans have no strong employee representation here.

Holidays are usually 14 days a year and include all sick days. Overtime does not have to be paid, work pace and hours are significantly higher on average than in Austria or Germany.

Find more information in my video: Working in the USA. In any case, I hope that with my USA blog I can give you many practical tips that should help you to implement the emigration to the USA easier!