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How to apply For Free

What is the Green Card Lottery?

Green Card Lottery: The US government issues approximately 55,000 residence permits each year. This US visa is also known as the green card or the so-called permanent resident card . If you meet the requirements of the Green Card Lottery terms and conditions, you can take part in the annual raffle completely free of charge.

How does the participation in the Green Card Lottery work?

The American government opens a “window” once a year in which anyone who fulfills the conditions of participation can participate. Do you now want to know immediately whether you qualify for participation and whether you meet the requirements?

Then start my 1-minute check here immediately. Answer the few questions that will be asked to you and get the result in 1 minute whether you meet the conditions of participation.

What are the chances of winning the green card lottery?

As the word lottery clearly describes, this is a game. So a raffle in which luck decides whether your application will be drawn or not.

The US Department of Starte and the Bureau of Consular Affairs has published the results. Under the title Diversity Visa Program Statistics you can find all results from 2017-2018.


So how high are your chances of winning the US Green Card?

Here is the data for Germany from 2018.

Number of online participants: 92,484 participants
Number of candidates drawn: 886 participants

That means 0.96% of the participants were lucky on their side and were drawn. In principle, this result is really good compared to a lottery win.

I always recommend taking part in the annual green card lottery. You have nothing to lose and you can apply online completely free of charge.

Where does the registration for the Greencard Lottery take place?

If you want to register yourself completely free of charge, you can do so online on the official website of the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery .

My personal Green Card Lottery experience

I have participated in the Green Card Lottery every year. However, I was never one of the lucky winners. Still, I have a green card today and I’ve been living in the United States for over 10 years.

In my video, I explain how I did it: my method of starting my new life in the US in just 3 months.

Can I emigrate to the USA without a green card?

Yes. You can also emigrate to the USA without a green card and start your new life in America. I emigrated to the USA as a trained trainee, without a matriculation examination and without studying.

With my wife and three young children, I left Austria and emigrated to the USA in just 3 months. So yes and again yes. Emigration to the USA is also possible without a green card.

Here are my Green Card Lottery experiences and everything you should know about the Green Card Lottery. In addition, show you how you can participate in the Greencard Lottery for free.

How I emigrated from Austria to the USA, and which little-known method I used, I explain in my video AUSWANDERN USA .

Take part in the green card lottery for free

In this article I explain how you can take part in the annual green card lottery for free. Yes, exactly how you can take part in the annual Green Card Lottery for free without paying any money.

Bernhard, which green card lottery is legitimate? And what are the green card costs?

I keep getting this question. Also how it looks with the Green Card Lottery costs. Check out my greencard lottery video. And keep in mind: There is no green card lottery fee if you take part yourself online.

As already explained in my video there is ONLY ONE official Green Card Lottery from the USA – or also called Green Card Lottery in German. So if you want to emigrate to the USA , you can definitely take part in the USA Green Card Lottery every year – and it’s completely free. The chances of winning the green card at the Lotteri are statistically small, but it is still possible.

Can I also apply for the green card without a lottery?

Emigrate to the USA : Of course there is also the possibility to apply for the green card without participating in the lottery. There are a total of 8 categories for applying for a green card without a lottery.

  1. Green card by family
  2. Green card through employment (sponsorship)
  3. Green card as a special immigrant
  4. Green card through refugee or asystate
  5. Green card for human trafficking and crime victims
  6. Green card for victims of abuse
  7. Green card through other categories
  8. Green card via registration
Green Card Eligibility Categories

Each of these eight categories has separate rules and requirements. Find the exact legal requirements directly on the American Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security -> Green Card Eligibility Categories .

My personal Green Card Lottery experience

And one thing should be said very clearly. If you want to live and work in the USA, then let yourself be told that working in the USA works without a green card. You don’t need a green card to live and work in the USA, you only need a work permit at the beginning.

Official green card lottery

But now continue with the green card lottery. To get to the point again. You don’t have to pay any money for it and you can take part in the Green Card Lottery every year for free. Where you can participate and how you can take part every year for free is very simple.

There is also only one official green card lottery office. So for the participation in the Green Card Lottery. And that’s the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs .

And that is the only official place where the green card lottery is serious. Because to get to the point. There is no other green card lottery. And if you yourself take part in the official Greencard Lottery every year, then your Greencard USA costs are zero.

Everything else are agencies that charge for the information (which I provide to you free of charge on my website). In addition, most agencies offer the service to do the application and participation in the Green Card Lottery for you.

Note: You can find out more about my trip to the west coast of America in my article: Emigrate California Los Angeles

Green card lottery costs

This means that you provide the agency with all of your information and the agency carries out the application for you. So if you want that, no problem. But be aware that agencies will charge expenses & costs for this service.

A disadvantage that there is also when you hire an agency to participate in the Green Card Lottery for you. You have to trust this agency 100% that all information and the application is 100% complete, correct and timely.

My personal green card lottery experience with the application

A small mistake in the application jeopardizes the chances of winning your green card in the lottery. If you trust yourself the most (I assume that), you should consider participating in the Green Card Lottery completely free of charge.

And yes, and again yes to be absolutely clear here. Applying for the Greencard Lottery for free is not witchcraft, you can do it yourself!

Green Card Lottery Apply for free

In any case, the bottom line is that you can play the Greencard Lottery on the official website of every year completely free of charge.

Attention:Participation in the Electronic Diversity Visa Application is only possible once a year. So far nothing has changed in the last 10 years that the start was always in September or October each year.

Don’t miss the annual Green Card Lottery Deadline

It is important that you do not miss the window, i.e. the period of opening and closing. Because participation is always limited in time. Sometimes for a month or just for 2 weeks. It is therefore important that you always check the official US Department of State website for updates and news of participation.

Green Card Lottery Requirements

So you don’t need to hire an agency. But of course you must know the requirements for participation and provide all information correctly and completely when registering.

The requirements for participating in the Green Card Lottery and the qualifications you need when applying for the American DV Green Card Lottery can be found directly on the official US Government Entry Program site .

Enter your name and email on this page. This allows you to immediately check whether you qualify to participate in the Green Card Lottery.

Pretty easy to check the green card lottery requirements, right?

Green Card Photo Requirements

An important point are also the photos you need to participate. If the images do not meet the requirements, your green card application will be rejected even after you have won.

I would like to emphasize again that all applications are strictly followed. So if you are thinking of taking your photos with your smartphone, I advise you against it.

The Green Card Lottery Photo Check

The images for the Green Card Lottery must meet 100% of the requirements. And believe me. Creating these pictures completely correctly is hardly possible if you only want to use your smartphone.

I strongly recommend that you visit a photo house or a trained photographer and provide him with the exact conditions and requirements of the photos.

Where can you find the exact rules for Green Card Lottery Photos?

Very easily. Here you can find the photo regulations of the official USA Diversity Lottery homepage.

My personal Green Card Lottery experience!

Green Card Lottery Probability to Win!

As explained in my video, I played almost every year but never won. The chances of winning the draw are not bad – compared to a lottery of 6.

Yet. I can attest that a good friend of mine won his lottery green card about 4 years ago. It was a very happy day for both of us.

Because we knew at that time that there are actually chances and you can be lucky enough to win your green card in the lottery. So you see, the Green Card Lottery odds are relative. As Einstein already taught us.

Something else about my green card lottery experience

So to document my Green Card Lottery experiences for you here too. I can only advise you to take part every year. It doesn’t cost anything and if you are lucky and win the green card in the lottery. Then great, right?

Another hot tip for emigrating to the USA :
If you are already a proud owner of a visa, but still do not have a permanent residency, I advise you to take part in the Green Card Lottery raffle every year.

Because if you have a visa, this does not exclude you from not participating in the green card lottery.

How do you get a green card without a lottery?

If you haven’t seen my videos yet, I advise you to do so immediately. Because in my free videos I will tell you how I managed to get the green card without the lottery.

And yes, I did it by simply training an apprentice. And after only three months I started my new life in the USA. Without a matriculation examination, without studying, I emigrated to the USA .

Get a green card without a lottery

I can only advise you to watch my videos in which I explain how you can get your green card without a lottery.

A completely different variant is to get the green card by falling in love and marrying an American citizen. However, I have no experience on this topic because I got my green card on my own.

Apply for a green card without a lottery

It is a completely different chapter. Because clearly you can also apply for the green card without the lottery. There are, however, many other requirements and circumstances.

Just like in my case. After I received a USA work visa , my employer applied for a green card for me. This application is officially called Permanent Residency.

How do I get a green card without a lottery?

So this process has nothing to do with the lottery. I will tell you more about what options there are and explain exactly how you can get your green card without a lottery.

My path and the method I used to start my life in the USA as an apprentice in just three months. You can find all information and explanations in my videos on the subject of emigration to the USA .

Greencard costs

As you can see, there is the opportunity to win the so-called Permanent Resident Card with the US lottery. And on the other hand, you also have all the other options listed to get a permanent residence permit in the USA.

How high your green card costs will be, however, is difficult to make a flat rate. Because every case, every immigration lawyer and every application that is made for a permanent resident card is unique and very individual.

I hope this information will help you emigrate to the United States .