My personal experience reports about emigrating to the USA


Emigration to the USA Experience reports: I emigrated from Austria to the USA as a trained trainee with my family of five. On my emigrating USA blog I try to record all my experiences and experiences that I have made.

Before I even emigrated to the USA, I had to “put in” a lot of negative comments. “I’ll see what I get from it,” or “You don’t have enough qualifications anyway” to be able to emigrate to the USA .

“What do you want Depp anyway?”, And so on and immediately. My experience report starts at the beginning of my trip, my country of origin in Austria. In which I grew up and in which I did my school and apprenticeship (commercial apprenticeship).

Emigrate to the USA

Why I ignored the Nay-Sayer and resolutely went my way to the USA

Nay-Sayer hit me a lot at the beginning of my trip. Everything I dreamed of and my wish to emigrate to the United States was “made down” by the nay-sayers.

Emigrate USA experience reports

How I felt about it and how I think about it today, I recorded that as motivation for you in my video. 

So you see that it is very important for you at the start of your trip to also keep focus. Don’t lose your nerve and ignore the NO-SAYER if possible. Perhaps in the end the many negative comments and experiences I had to take were more crucial for me to emigrate to America than I was ever aware of.

My life in the US experiences

My situation was not the easiest at the beginning of my trip. On the one hand I had three small children and on the other hand I didn’t have a particularly high education.

And yes, I had previously tried to get a green card through US agencies. But my Green Card Lottery experiences at that time were also very devastating.

So that was my starting position:

  • no matriculation exam
  • no studying
  • no green card won in the lottery
  • no U.S. work permit
  • no US visa
  • completed apprenticeship (apprentice)
  • married with three children (14 months, 3 + 6 years)

The fact was, I did not have a matriculation exam or study and after all my research on the Internet I was told again and again that my education would simply not give me a chance to live in the USA.

Attention when emigrating to the USA : The Internet is full of misinformation. And it was and still is very difficult to find competent resources and to obtain correct legal information.

Emigrate USA experience reports

But even this very difficult circumstance did not stop me from realizing my dream of emigrating to the USA and starting a new and different life there.

Moving to America was the greatest and greatest thing for me. And so I had it in my head and pulled it through completely and finally I managed to follow 100% of the US immigration regulations.

Yes, I think I can say today: I successfully emigrated to the USA. Despite all the negative experiences, all pessimistic statements and wrong information that was brought to me.

My personal USA emigration experiences

After a lot of research and contacting a capable US immigration lawyer, it became clear to me that I can emigrate to the USA without having a green card.

After a good planning and preparation of all my documents, I worked through the necessary points step by step to achieve my goal. I started my personal new life project called: Emigrating USA – and I was fully motivated and excited to change my life and start something new and completely different.

After I received more information from my lawyer about the possibilities and opportunities for me to start a life in the USA, I started to prepare a decent PLAN.

And to record my goals and milestones on paper and to implement them in reality. My first goal was clearly defined. I needed a US VISA. And I could only get this if I found a job in the USA.

So a company that wants to hire me and that could help me get a US work permit.

So I knew that I had to fly to the USA in advance and try to network there. Establishing contacts and finding companies that would also like to hire me.

Of course, I didn’t want to do any job at all, I wanted to do a very specific job that I was totally enthusiastic about. That was the computer graphics. A very special 3D VFX work that just fascinated me.

My emigrating USA experiences

After making my plan, I went all out. I quit my job in Austria, scraped up my savings, bought a plane ticket and flew off to the United States.

On my first trip I had to leave my wife and children alone in Austria, because it would be too complicated for my little racks to get ahead faster and easier. And of course also a lot more expensive.

And so I flew to the USA with a backpack, a pair of pants and shirts. Determined to make contacts, find companies and successfully come home with a job offer to my wife and my three little boys.

There was also some mental pressure. Because how “shit” I would feel if I tell everyone that I want to emigrate to the USA , I quit my job and then after a very short time I’m back at the START of my trip. Or I just won’t be able to reach my target.

From that point on I didn’t really care what others thought. What I didn’t care about was knowing for myself that I would make it. Even if my starting position and situation was certainly not the best.

Life USA experience report

You can certainly imagine how you feel about it. And if you are planning to emigrate to the USA , you will very likely find yourself in a similar mental stress situation.

Doubts arise. You feel the fear of failure. All the questions that come up. What if you can’t find a job? How are you supposed to finance everything? What will you live on? How is it going on then?

In addition, you are probably not without reason in this situation and position as an emigrant from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe. So why you actually want to emigrate to the USA . There are all reasons for this.

Be it whether you are dissatisfied with your country or your immediate or indirect environment. Your work, your fellow human beings, your friends or family. Or just want to get to know the country America out of enthusiasm.

Each of us has his own personal reasons. There is nothing to shake about it and nothing to shake. But what binds us all together is that we are emigrants to the United States.

Emigrate USA experience reports

After about four weeks in the US on my mission, I had managed to find employers and companies interested in hiring me.

This time was very exciting, but also very stressful. It took a lot of strength and energy to pull it all off. And yes, it wasn’t exactly cheap either.

If you are interested in seeing a small breakdown of my costs, have a look here: Costs of emigrating to the USA.

So after four weeks I flew back to Austria. And I successfully got three job offers. I myself was very satisfied with my performance.

In Austria I made a decision about which company I finally decided on and what would be best for my family.

After I signed the offer, I had to wait for the interview at the US embassy in Vienna. The date was set very quickly, and after only four more weeks I had received my first US visa.

The start of a new life. Not just for me, but also for my entire family.

After I received the visa for myself and my family, the plane tickets were bought and the suitcases packed. Lease terminated, furniture sold, car deregistered and goodbye Austria.

That was a very big step – there was no going back at that time.

Life in USA experiences

As you probably already know from my USA blog, I’ve been living in the USA for 10 years now. Today I already have my Permanent Resident Card . So my green card and I have lived in many different states and cities in the United States over the past 10 years.

From the American east coast to the US west coast and Central America. I started out in New York, then settled in North Carolina and bought a house there.

My journey continued to Michigan, near Detroit. That was actually my worst experience in the United States. And then it went on to Texas, Dallas. California and Los Angeles , Oregon Portland, Georgia Savanna, etc. etc.

Today I live on the American west coast (let’s see how long I stay here lol;).

On my USA blog I try to keep everything as close as possible and to publish all my USA experience reports on emigration. Furthermore, to report even more about working in the USA and experiences .

And I hope I can also help you put your Emigration USA project into practice and make your dream come true!

I look forward to hearing from you and to your comment and your personal experiences and experiences when emigrating to the USA .