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Emigration to the USA Requirements

How to emigrate to the USA My USA experience reports from practice and for practice. A clear guide that will help you make working in the United States possible. As a trained trainee, I emigrated from Austria to the USA with my family of five. Without studying, without a matriculation exam. 100% legal without the need for the green card . With a U.S. work permit and U.S. residence permit, we were able to start our new life in the U.S. in just 3 months!

Top 3 requirements for emigrating to the USA

If you want to emigrate to the USA, there are of course certain requirements. The most important requirements mentioned in advance.

  1. You cannot be a minor child.
  2. You must be able to raise the necessary financial resources
  3. You should have a plan to get the U.S. residence permit

No matter whether you want to emigrate from Switzerland to the USA, from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein or Luxembourg. In any case, the fact that you can emigrate to the USA without a green card applies.

Most people initially only think of participating in the annual green card lottery and firmly believe that the green card is a mandatory prerequisite for being able to emigrate to the USA.


USA emigration without a green card

What few people know is the fact that you can emigrate to the USA without a green card. I try to record my experiences when emigrating to the USA on my blog.

And I explain how I managed to start my new life in the USA with my family of five as a trained trainee in just 3 months.

Here you will find the best practical tips for emigrating to the USA. My personal experiences which will help you emigrate to the USA! What I have experienced with my family myself. My experiences emigrating to California Los Angeles , my travelogues, and much more.

Here are the best tips for emigrating to the USA

How you can easily emigrate to the USA

Understand that the issue of emigrating to the United States can be very complex and confusing. Mainly because you can find a lot of misinformation on the Internet.

I would like to give you practical experiences and examples on my USA blog that also work in practice. I want to help you legally emigrate to the United States. And as inexpensively and simply as possible.

How can I emigrate to the United States?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. What do you need to emigrate to the USA and with what profession you can emigrate to the USA.

I try to explain these points for you as simply as possible. How can I emigrate to the United States? In this section I would like to give you an overview of the options that are actually available to emigrate to America .

Greencard lottery

The best known way to emigrate to the USA is to participate in the annual Green Card Lottery . Once a year there is the opportunity to take part in the DV lottery free of charge. You can read the exact requirements for this in my post about my green card lottery experience .

There you will also find further information on how you can take part in the Greencard Lottery free of charge.

VISA categories

A distinction is made between two large groups of Visa categories.

  1. Non-immigrant visa category
  2. Immigrant Visa categories

Each of these two visa categories contains different purposes and reasons to apply for them.

You can find a complete and exact list of all options on the official website of the US Department of State and the Directory of Visa Categories .

There are a variety of VISA options. A VISUM gives you the opportunity to live in the USA for a certain time under certain conditions and goals.

As already described in the first category, the non-immigrant visa category initially pursues the goal of not wanting to live with permanent residence in the USA. And the second category is basically the opposite.

Work permit / work permit

In addition to the so-called permanent residence (green card), there is the option of emigrating to the USA without a green card. The best known and most common form is the sponsorship of a company based in the USA. If you have found an American company that also sponsors, then this company will also apply for a work permit from the USA for you.

That means to have a job or a professional activity in the USA. The company based in the USA must apply for a corresponding visa for you. Only the company can apply for a visa for you.

I was personally in the first category. My choice was a visa in the non-immigrant category. The immigrant visa category was out of the question for my personal situation.

If you want to know more about how I managed to emigrate from Austria to the USA as a trained trainee with my three small children and my wife, then have a look at my video. I explain with which little-known method I have managed to start my life in the USA in just 3 months.

Life in the US experiences

On my blog I report from practice about all my experiences when emigrating to America . From the start of my journey to leave the hurdles and challenges with my family of five to emigrate to the USA.

About my financial planning, my goals, my expectations, why I actually wanted to emigrate to the USA, the costs, the hardships, stress, tension, fears and of course the motivation and joy of this very big adventure.

Below, I try to consider all the topics that I needed to successfully start my life in America.

From departure, my job search, finding jobs and vacancies in the US, negotiations, paperwork, choosing states, choosing the right visa, choosing the right immigration lawyer, interviewing on the US Embassy, the challenges of my children, schools, health insurance, registration for social security, taxes, getting to know American culture, dealing with money in the USA, the different cost of living, buying a property or

The purchase of a house in the USA, everything that goes with it about prices, choice of location, apartments for rent, jobs, vacation days, differences between states, etc. etc. etc.

The list seems to be almost endless. Because admitted. Emigrating to the United States can be quite stressful at the beginning. This is because there is simply too little practical advice and help available.

This is exactly why I decided to use my blog to help all of my USA friends avoid mistakes, save money and make the whole process of emigration as easy as possible.

Emigration to USA costs

Now that I have roughly described what possibilities there are to emigrate to the USA and how you can emigrate to America , I would like to address a very important point at the very beginning of your trip.

Namely to have a clear financial plan and to be able to estimate the costs of emigration as well as possible in advance.

An important tip for emigrants: You always want to have a certain amount of financial security in order not to be penniless in an emergency.

In order to give you a simple overview of how high the cost of emigrating to the USA could be, you should be able to answer the following questions.

Did you save enough money to live in the US for at least three months?
What are your total costs for a 3-month stay?

Flights, transport, car, petrol, insurance, visa costs, documents such as passports, driver’s license, criminal record, rent, electricity, gas, internet, cellphone, health insurance, private schools + day care for children, food, etc. etc.

My moving cost $ 250,000

The cost of emigrating can vary dramatically. As an example, you will find a list of my personal costs that I have invested to ensure the emigration for my family of five. This statement of costs includes my first trip to the United States, where I made contacts within four weeks, and the complete process of moving my children and wife.

The cost schedule includes the first 6 months of my investments.

Emigration to USA costs
Emigration to USA costs

Link to Google Sheet: Cost of moving to the USA

My total cost, according to my records today, was around a quarter of a million dollars. And yes, I had already raised this money in cash at the time to be able to guarantee the relocation and emigration of my family.

The biggest investment was buying a property. This is not for everyone, and if you ignore this very large investment, it becomes clear that emigrating with my family cost me around $ 50,000. And yes, we didn’t finance the house but bought it in cash.

I have given this example here to show that your personal financial planning can look completely different. So you can e.g. Be single and only need 2 flights. Maybe you don’t need any hotels and you prefer to get away with AirBnb nights or the cheapest motels as cheaply as possible.

And surely as a single you only need a small apartment that you can rent. Your food costs will also differ significantly from what a family of five devours food every day.

But I think this schedule should help you think about the costs of moving to the United States. It is important to adjust the costs for yourself and to have a good and realistic overview at the end of your cost statement.

I will make a detailed page for the costs of emigrating to the USA, where I will provide you with a free Google sheet. This gives you a checklist to keep track of all your costs for emigrating to the USA!

Emigrate to the USA as a pensioner

The same visa categories apply to pensioners and pensioners as mentioned above. There is no special pensioner visa. In general, as a retiree, you can definitely live in the US for 3 months.

After 3 months you have to leave the country. And later you can also enter again. If you would like to extend your stay to 6 months, you can apply for a B1 / B2 visa.

Since the same visa categories are valid, this also means that you, as a pensioner, have no age-related restrictions. Because even at the age of 60 or 70 you can use the two VISA categories and choose the VISA form that seems most suitable for you.

When you retire to the United States, it’s basically not a big problem. As long as you have the appropriate funds, you can of course also buy a cheap house.

You don’t have to be an American citizen to buy real estate in the US, nor do you need a green card. I also bought a house in the USA after only 3 months.

And I wasn’t a U.S. citizen either, and I didn’t have a permanent residency. If the exchange rate for the euro is cheap compared to the dollar, then you also have greater purchasing power with currency conversion.

You can find many more details in my blog post about how you can emigrate to the USA as a pensioner, a checklist, the best options and what you should consider before you leave. Bank account, drivers license, health insurance, taxes if you want to buy a house, and much more!

Jobs for Germans in the USA

Another key focus is the question of how to get a job as a German in the USA. How should I go about looking for a job? What needs to be considered? What documents should you have? How do you write an application? What is a resume? What is a CV? Which visa should the American company apply for? Is there also a German company where you can apply with a branch in the USA? And if so, what are the advantages for you?

What should you absolutely negotiate when hiring? What pension payments are there? What is the so-called 401k system? Does it make sense to participate? How can you get suitable health insurance as an employee? What should you watch out for when negotiating your annual salary? How much vacation are you entitled to? Is there a right of termination?

Working in the USA as a German

So you see, working in the US as a German already raises many questions. Questions that I will try to help as much as possible and give you the right answers. And the same applies to working in the United States as an Austrian or Swiss.

In order to answer all of these questions for you in the best possible way, I will write articles on these topics. Especially how you can get jobs in the USA! The most important steps, letter templates which will help you to get the best chances for your applications in the USA!

I try to explain the best platforms for you, what you as a German, Austrian or Swiss have to look out for when applying for a job. But more on that in my post on jobs for Germans in the USA.