Fiance Visa America


How to emigrate to the USA with partnership and marriage Living and working in America Can I emigrate to the United States on a fiancee visa? And if so, how does it work, and what steps have to be taken? Here you will find simple instructions on how your friend in America can apply for … Read more

Emigrate USA Blog


Emigration to the USA Requirements How to emigrate to the USA My USA experience reports from practice and for practice. A clear guide that will help you make working in the United States possible. As a trained trainee, I emigrated from Austria to the USA with my family of five. Without studying, without a matriculation … Read more

Greencard Lottery – Free Application


How to apply For Free What is the Green Card Lottery? Green Card Lottery: The US government issues approximately 55,000 residence permits each year. This US visa is also known as the green card or the so-called permanent resident card. If you meet the requirements of the Green Card Lottery terms and conditions, you can … Read more

How to get your USA Visa


Applying for a USA Visa – This is how it works in a practical way Which USA Visa should I apply for? Who can apply for a USA visa? And how much does it cost to apply for a USA visa? Everything you should know about a US Visa – a practical guide written by … Read more