How To Move To The U.S. Quickly


Learn to be able to move to the U.S. Quickly even without a College Degree!

One Simple Way To Immigrate To The U.S.

How I moved quickly to the U.S. - within 12 weeks, with my three little children and my wife. As a simple Graphic Designer with no special education and no college degree.


My Failures, My Frustration and My Final Success Living in the U.S.

I was almost 30years old and I was unhappy with my life. I wanted to move to the U.S. but no matter what I tried nothing seemed to work. Everyone turned me down, saying I don't have the proper education. I don't have the proper skills.

I tried to search online for VISA Categories. I studied all possibilities how I could move with my wife and my three little children to America.

I wrote hundreds and hundreds of job-applications. I paid different Immigration Lawyers to help me finding a way to live in the U.S.

I spent thousand of Dollars, wasted a lot of my time hoping one day someone could help me with all those problems. But unfortunately, nobody could help me. Nobody wanted to help me. And at the end, I felt totally frustrated and somehow defeated.

I was so unhappy with my job and so unhappy not getting the chance to live in the United States, that also my marriage got worse. In fact, it got so bad that I also didn't want to work anymore the job I was doing for almost over 10 years.

But then, one day. I turned this all around. Because I found one simple way that allowed me to move quickly to the U.S. With no special education, no college degree and without winning in the Greencard-Lottery Program.

What I found out, how I prepared for my mission and how I was finally able to move so quickly with my entire Family to the U.S. I cover in my Online Course called How To Move To The U.S.

A Practical Guide packed with valuable Videos that guides you step by step on your way to the United States.

What You'll Learn in this FREE-Workshop?

Quick Overview what I will Reveal


How To Get A U.S. Job With Sponsorship

How I was able to get THREE JOB OFFERS within FOUR WEEKS. And how I was able to convince the Companies to Start immediately with the VISA Work Authorization.


How To Get Quickly Your U.S. VISA

Learn how I convinced the companies to start immediately filing for my VISA work authorization.


My Powerful Secret Tactics In The Job Interview

Learn my tactics I've been using over and over again to turn every job interview into a winning streak.

LIVE-Workshop with Bernhard 

  • Tired of sending hundreds of Applications to U.S. Employers and getting no response?
  • Tired of searching the web and reading hundreds of negative comments in dozens of Forums?
  • Tired of wasting money with an immigration lawyer?
  • Tired of searching for VISA Categories or hoping to win in the Greencard Lottery Program? 

I Know How That Feels. I went through All Of This until I found a Simple Way to move to the U.S. Quickly!

About The Course Teacher,
(Bernhard Rieder)

I was born in Austria, Vienna. I finished an Apprenticeship and became a 3D Computer Graphic Designer. After years struggling to move to the U.S. I crafted my own plan and strategy to immigrate to the United States.

I became obsessed with the Idea to Live in America. Against all the naysayers, and against tall he recommendation from immigration lawyers, I finally found an easy way to immigrate to the United States.

I developed my plan, started my mission and immigrated with my three little children and wife following 100% the rules of the Immigration Law of the United States.

Today I am proud to help all other people who would like to work in the U.S. - Immigrating to the United States and Starting their new life.

Against all the people that always told me I can't do that, I can testify that I did it. I am the living proof that my system, my plan and my tactics do work and if you follow my Steps, you can do the same.

I love helping other immigrants and teaching what I've learned. Sharing my experience and supporting everyone on it's way Starting Their New Life in America. 

"I was once in this frustrating situation. Completely alone. I know the struggles and the pain if you have a dream, but all other people are just laughing about you. I hated that feeling, and I know you do as well. And because of all the laughter, and all the naysayers, I swore to myself: One Day, I'll help all others to do the same. Follow your dream, and succeed. Being authentic and help in a practical meaningful way. Take action, you have nothing to lose, only to gain!", Bernhard Rieder 

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3D Viz Consultant

Bernhard is a true leader and a master at Marketing and 3D visualization. He never settles and is always ahead of the game of current technologies. 100% dedicated to every new project he's involved in, his approach is very unique and will look beyond the original scope of what the client is looking for to deliver a final product successfully above expectations.

Partner at Hinge Digital LLC

Bernhard is a rare find, indeed. His depth and breadth of knowledge, passion, skill and experience with problem solving are truly amazing. Bernhard had a positive impact on our company, taught everyone a great deal, opened our eyes, inspired us to learn more, push harder, and find a way to achieve our vision--even if we had to break things to do it.

Chief Marketing Officer at Time Unwind

Bernhard has embraced the American ideals of strong work ethic, dedication, and a genuine commitment to delivering excellence. Accordingly, I can confirm that Mr. Rieder is widely recognized in this industry as a person of extraordinary ability.

Are you ready for your new Life?

I am super proud to help every single person succeeding on moving to the U.S.  

People around me always told me that it's impossible for me to Live in the United States. I felt horrible. I was super unhappy with my life. I wanted to change my life and my career.

Against all the criticism I received, I am the living proof that my method works. I want to encourage you. Don't listen to the naysayers. Ignore it when people are gossipping about you. Or even worse, laughing about your dreams.

Ignore them. It's your life and not the life of the other people. You have only one ride, one opportunity. And you don't want to regret it one day, not following your inner instinct and your dream.  

You have nothing to lose - but only to gain. I wish you already all the best on your journey, and I am super stoked and happy to see you LIVE in my upcoming Workshop.